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Wine Cellar Protection System
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Whether you are a wine aficionado with a full cellar or you just have a small wine cooler, the Elertus Wine Protection System can help you keep your wine protected from: 

• Theft 
• Access by Minors 
• Temperature Threats 
• Humidity Threats 
• Light 

The Elertus Wine Security Sensor features a small, battery-powered sensor that is discreet and connects to any wireless network (Wi-Fi). With just two AA batteries, the device could be running smoothly for at least a year. Through the convenient connection to a wireless network, this leading edge technology makes wine storage monitoring possible in wine cellars, wine coolers, wine and liquor cabinets.

Maintain the right temperature 

Temperature fluctuations play a major role in wine storage. Keeping a constant temperature is imperative in the maturity process of wine, in order to preserve the desired taste, color and smell. The Elertus Wine Protection System provides an easy way to be assured that the temperature setting is at the proper level and that it is also maintained at that certain level.

Adjust humidity to desired level 

Mold, label damage, and oxidation are a few unpleasant results of having the wrong humidity levels in wine storage. Humidity, just as temperature, has oscillating tendencies, but with this Elertus Wine Protection System the potential damage of humidity can be avoided with customizable settings. 

Keep light away

The Electus Wine Protection System has a sensor that can send an alert if any light turns on, or has been left on. This is a great tool when it comes to wine storage, because light is another factor that could affect the composition of wine. With this device the worries of light exposure can be eliminated. 

Movement surveillance 

The risk of theft and access to minors can be avoided with the Electus Wine Protection System. The device contains two external sensors that will send out a notification every time the wine storage unit or cellar door opens. No more uneasy feelings when you are not home. 

Customize the Elertus Wine Protection System to receive only the alerts you want and how you want to receive them – for up to five users. Chose to receive alerts when the door opens, when customizable temperature and humidity thresholds are reached, and more. Alerts can be sent to you through: 

• Smartphone App 
• Text Message 
• Email 

The Elertus Wine Protection System includes the following: 

• The Elertus Smart Sensor 
• A micro door sensor 
• A conventional door sensor
• A screw packet 
• An adhesive Velcro strip 
• Two AA batteries 
• A quick start guide 
• An external door sensor installation guide. 

Included FREE: 

• App for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android™ 
• Smartphone Notifications 
• Text Message and Email Alerts 
• Customizable Alerts Sent to Up to Five Users 

Don’t let anything or anyone tamper with your wine collection. Use this convenient protection system and make sure you protect and provide the perfect environment for your Liquid Assets with technology from Elertus. 

Apex Custom Wine Cellar Manufacturer 

As an authorized Elertus reseller, Apex now is able to not only help you create the perfect wine storage unit, but also provide a product that can give you the ability to monitor temperature, humidity, light and movement. With Apex there is nothing left to worry about besides expanding your wine collection.