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CellarTec 3/4 Ton DS - Wine Cooling System
Item #: CT34TDS
Price: Please Call for Quote

The CellarTec 3/4 Ton DS ducted cooling system is designed and used to provide a stable temperature between 55~65°F for a properly insulated room at a normal environment. The wine room space will maintain humidity of 50~70% RH even when the environment becomes dry or humid. These temperatures and humidities are ideal for the long term storage of wine, fur and tobacco. Ducted cooling systems are designed for both outdoor and indoor installation to cut down noise. This unit is self-contained, ready for use with no extra tubing in field.

Please allow three weeks for production.

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Features & Specs:
  • Digital temperature controller with automatic defrost cycle
  • 8500 BTU/h at 55°F of wine cellar temperature
  • Back-curved impeller fans for 50 ft. long duct use
  • Dimensions: 45"W x 23"H x 34"D
  • Maximum Coverage Size: up to 2000 cu. Ft.
  • This unit can vent outdoors
  • This unit can be configured for use with 220V outlets. Please call us at 1-877-663-0354 for more details.