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K60 Control & Steamhead
Item #: K60-CP
Mixing leisure with a therapeutic euphoria, steam rooms relax your muscles, reduce your aches and pains, and relieve congestion. This Steam Generator Digital Control Kit from Amerec allows one to personally control the temperature in their steam room as well as set a timer.The digital display on your K60 alternates between room temperature and time remaining. The Amerec K60 has 3-button control with on/off, temperature setting and time duration setting adjustable up to 60 minutes. Remote sensor must be mounted inside steam room, on a wall 6-inches down from the ceiling. Control can be mounted inside or outside the steam bath.
Features & Specs:
  • Control and matching finish steam head
  • Includes cables and remote-mounted temperature sensor
  • Digital on/off, time/temperature control
  • Available in Chrome, Brass, Brushed Nickel, Polished Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze

SKUProduct NamePriceShippingQuantity 
K60-PBK60 Control & Steamhead- Brass$710.00$0.00
K60-BNK60 Control & Steamhead- Brushed Nickel$710.00$0.00
K60-ORBK60 Control & Steamhead- Oil Rubber Bronze$730.00$0.00
K60-PNK60 Control & Steamhead- Polished Nickel$710.00$0.00
K60-CPK60 Control & Steamhead-Chrome$650.00$0.00