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AI 12 kw Steam Boiler
Item #: AI-12
Ideal for large 500 cu. ft. steam rooms, this Amerec commercial steam bath boiler is designed for user enjoyment, ease of use, and long life.  A variety of standard features makes these boilers desirable from a facilities maintenance point of view and delivers reliable service for owners.  AI boilers are designed for easy on-site maintenance and hands-off, automated operation.
Features & Specs:
  • Capable of steaming rooms (1-2) up to a total of 500 cubic feet
  • Requires use of one (1) IT1 Thermostat Control per steam room
  • Pressurized vessel for instant steam
  • Durable electronic components
  • 3/4" drain port
  • Room hi-limit temperature safety system
  • Operating, electronic hi-limit pressure control systems
  • Alarm circuit panic button
  • ASME safety valve
  • ASME certified low-pressure operation vessel 
  • All steel construction with powder coat exterior, brass fittings and stainless steel feet to prevent corrosions
  • Multiple safety features including: Water level sight glass, 3-level water sensing system with low water cutoff, high pressure cut-out on all boilers
  • Designed for easy serviceability: simple service access and indicatorl ights with integral diagnostics
  • UL listed

Model Steam Lbs
Per Hr
Phase Volt Amp kW Max
Cu. Ft.*
AI-12-208-1 36 1 208 59 12 500
AI-12-240-1 36 1 240 51 12 500
AI-12-208-3 36 3 208 34 12 500
AI-12-240-3 36 3 240 30 12 500
AI-12-415-3 36 3 415 18 12 500
AI-12-480-3 36 3 480 15 12 500

* Important: The Maximum cubic footage is for reference only. Complex room construction and material variables may substantially alter the model required for your installation. Manufacturers of room construction materials should be consulted for approval of material use in a steam enviroment.

SKUProduct NamePriceShippingQuantity 
AI-12-208-112 kw Steam Boiler 208 Volt 1 Phase Steam Boiler$4,850.00$260.00
AI-12-208-312 kw Steam Boiler 208 Volt 3 Phase Steam Boiler$4,850.00$260.00
AI-12-240-112 kw Steam Boiler 240 Volt 1 Phase Steam Boiler$4,850.00$260.00
AI-12-240-312 kw Steam Boiler 240 Volt 3 Phase Steam Boiler$4,850.00$260.00
AI-12-415-312 kw Steam Boiler 415 Volt 3 Phase Steam Boiler$5,050.00$260.00
AI-12-480-312 kw Steam Boiler 480 Volt 3 Phase Steam Boiler$5,050.00$260.00