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Steam Room

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Excellent 8-Person Steam Room
Item #: EX-8FL
Price: $17,500.00
Shipping: $710.00
A luxurious steam room raises the standard in any public bathing facility. Tylo Excellent has been designed primarily for professional use, but smaller models can also be a dream solution for your home.

The Excellent 8-Person Steam Room is made of high-tech, vacuum-formed, special-grade white plastic for a rigid, steamtight construction. Room is supplied in ready-to-assemble wall and roof sections with interior fittings consisting of wide, comfortable benches in white lacquered aluminium. The decorative cover panels can be removed for easy cleaning. The door is made from tinted, tempered safety glass in a sturdy frame with handles of natural anodised aluminium. Air outlet vent and all assembly hardware included.
Features & Specs:
  • Constructed of white, high-gloss, easy to clean panels that provide a bright bathing environment
  • Extra wide 35 1/2" tinted safety glass door with flat sill (no raised threshold) and anodized aluminum handles
  • Wide, comfortable benches in white lacquered aluminum
  • Exterior surface and floor not provided
  • Wall sections (not outer wall covering)
  • Steam door 60G
  • Aluminum bench roof sections
  • Air outlet vent
  • Assembly hardware included
  • Dimensions: 83 1/2" × 76" × 81 1/2"
Note: Steam generator and control panel sold separately.