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Pre-Cut Custom Size- Heater TBD
Item #: PC-Custom
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Pre-cut saunas are installed into rooms that are already framed, insulated, wired and sheet rocked. Your options are endless. From your blueprint, floor plan or dimensions, you can have a sauna under a stairway, as part of an in-home or corporate fitness center, even in an unused closet space.

Most of our pre-cut sauna packages include 1/2" thick Western Red Cedar for the walls and ceiling, 19" wide benches, Douglas Fir door, sauna heater, and "DuraGrid" tiles in the walking area. Our standard accessory package includes a pine bucket, pine dipper, thermometer, wall light and head/back rests. 

Sauna packages are suitable for either residential or commercial applications. The standard pre-cut sauna is a great way to bring the benefits of sauna into your home, hotel or club at a very affordable price.

Work with Apex for a custom-sized pre-cut sauna room. We'll help you get the right size room, heater and accessories for your exacting needs.

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