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How to Decide on Wine Storage

June 25, 2015

Wine storage is an intricate topic to discuss because there are so many options. What are you looking for? Will you be storing wine long-term or short-term? How many bottles are in yoru wine collection? How much space do you have available for storage? At Apex, you can get all your questions answered plus access to many kinds of storage options, from a custom wine cellar to a small wine chiller for your kitchen. 

There are a few factors to take into consideration when thinking about investing in wine storage. Many of the unique characteristics of each wine may change over time if these factors are not properly addressed. 

Heat is one of things that affects wine the most. If the temperature is over 70° Fahrenheit it could make the wine age faster. Temperatures above 70 may effect the flavor of the wine. The ideal temperature to store wine is 55° Fahrenheit.

 If the wine is hit by direct sunlight for some time it is exposed to UV light which causes premature aging. 
Humidity.  In order to prevent oxidization, the cork must remain moist while the bottle is in storage. If there is low humidity in the environment, the cork will get dry, drink, and allow oxygen to seep through and oxidize the wine.


 Exposure to to vibration can cause wine to mature too quickly. Particularly in red wine, the sediement should be allowed to settle properly.

Storing position
The best position to store wine is on its side. This ensures the cork will remain in contact with the wine, ensuring the cork will not dry out and shrink.


What Kind of Storage is Right for Your Collection?

With the above factors in mind, now comes the decision of what type of wine storage you are looking to acquire. There is a large variety of wine storage options here at Apex.

Wine Cellar 

First, if you are planning on storing a larger amount of wine for a long period of time, and if you have the appropriate space for it, a custom wine cellar may be the best choice. Apex cellar consultants can help you create a custom cellar just the way you desire it to be.


Walk-in Wine Cabinets

For wine room size cabinets, our Walk-in wine cellars can't be beat! With storage capacities up to 2500 bottles, these customizable units are just what you're looking for. Try the popular GCC1 large walk-in model or our smaller BC4 (760 bottle) walk-in. Walk-in wine vaults come in a variety of sizes to fit your collection and your space.

Wine Lockers

Wine lockers are also an option for wine storage that is often overlooked. Our wine lockers are handcrafted using quality wine cellar materials and are custom built to meet the needs of your venue – we will even key lockers to your specifications. With a variety of finish options, bottle capacities, and door designs available, your wine lockers will provide safe and beautiful wine storage.
Wine Cabinets 

Another great alternative is a custom wine cabinet or credenza. These beautiful pieces are installed with Wine-Mate or Cellartec cooling systems and come in an array of designs and finishes that make these cabinets completely customizable to match any existing furniture in your home.

Wine Coolers

Last, but not least, there is also the option of getting a wine chiller. If you plan on starting with a smaller collection of wine, wine chillers are fantastic because, despite their size, they create the ideal aging environment by holding your favorite bottles at the optimal position and temperature.

There might be a bit to consider when deciding on what is the best wine storage solution for you, but Apex is here to help you get the wine storage you always dreamed of, while making it easy and convenient! Get started today!

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