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Five Wine Cellar Trends to Watch in 2015

January 26, 2015

  1.       Increased Integration of Technology into Wine Cellars

Jumping on the current trend of smart homes and smart thermostats, the wine storage industry is producing interesting new ways to marry wine with tech. New apps have been created that allow you to control the temperature of your wine cellar from afar. Some apps monitor the inventory of your cellar and alert you when you are low on wine or when your wine has reached the proper temperature. Voice control is also a possibility for the near future. Many appliances have already incorporated voice control, offering a convenient and hands-free option for users. 





2.       Emphasis on Eco Friendly and Local Resources

This trend applies to both the wine in the cellar and the materials used to construct the cellar. Here at Apex, we have witnessed an increase in demand for wood wine racks constructed from renewable resources. Many of our customers have contracted Apex due to proximity, the lack of harsh chemicals in our wood wine racks, and because we hand craft our goods. With the increase of eco consciousness amongst consumers, this trend is sure to continue for many years.

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3.       Modern or Rustic

The modern and rustic aesthetics aren’t anything new, but we have certainly witnessed a shift away from the look of traditional wine cellars. Modern cellars are popping up everywhere --from homes to wine bars—and boast clean lines, metal racking, lots of glass, and LED lighting. Rustic cellars often feature one-of-a-kind touches such as reclaimed wood from wine barrels, all wood racking, and exposed hardware. When executed properly, both styles can completely transform a space and create a stunning display from your wine. Which one do you prefer?







4.       Tiny is BIG in 2015

 The tiny house trend gained increasing popularity throughout 2014 and does not seem to be stopping. This crusade to decrease one’s carbon footprint by living within a smaller space encourages people to minimize their possessions and live the simple life. This doesn’t mean getting rid of your wine! There are many great storage options designed for small spaces, whether it means utilizing unused wall space or purchasing the slimmest wine cooler you can find. 




5.       Wine Cellars in New Housing Developments

Americans are now the top consumers of wine in the world, thanks in part to a younger generation of taking an interest in the lifestyle. Many developers are answering the demand for wine storage by including wine cellars in their new builds. These “standard” wine cellars or wine refrigerators are modern touches that allow home owners and renters to grow their collection. Apex has worked with many of these residential builders to create functional and beautiful cellars to house collections across the nation.


What do you think? Is there something that we missed? Let us know!

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