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Choosing a Room for Your Cellar

March 13, 2014

Choosing a Room for Your Cellar
So, you have always wanted a custom wine cellar in your home but don’t know where to put it? Are you concerned that you may not have enough space? The good news is that, with advances in cooling technology, a wine cellar can be built into just about any available space that you have! Maybe you have a basement or empty bedroom that can be converted into a large cellar or maybe you have a considerably smaller available space such as a closet or nook. Any of these may be viable options for building the wine cellar of your dreams.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing the location of your wine cellar is the amount of direct sunlight the room receives. The less direct sunlight, the better! Direct sunlight causes the ambient temperature in the room to be much higher and will cause your cooling unit to work harder to keep your cellar at the optimal temperature. Over time, this extra strain can cause the cooling unit to become noisy and shorten its lifespan. Another factor to consider is the amount of vibration your cellar will be exposed to as a result of location. Vibration can agitate your wine and accelerate the aging process. For this reason it is important to avoid room where your wine may be exposed to additional vibration due to slamming doors, railroad tracks, garage doors, street traffic, etc.


Location Options

If you have a basement, this may be the best place for a wine cellar. Basements receive little direct sunlight (if any) and typically have low temperatures and more ideal humidity. Wine cellars are meant to replicate wine caves and basements naturally have many similar environments. Basements also tend to be large and provide enough space to make your cellar as large or small as you desire.

Empty Bedrooms:
Did your child just leave for college? An empty bedroom may also be a great option for a wine cellar location.  Bedrooms provide a large empty space ideal for the additional construction required for a wine cellar. It is important to remember to choose a bedroom on the side of your house that receives the least amount of sunlight.

Maybe you do not have a basement or empty room to house a large wine cellar. This does not mean that you can’t still have your dream cellar! Wine cellars can be built into spaces as small as closets or nooks. They can even be built in the small area beneath your stairs! These locations are great for wine cellars because they take up minimal space yet make an impressive addition to your home. They also offer you more flexibility in location. You may one basement or empty bedroom (if any), but you have multiple closets to choose from. For more information on building wine cellars in small places, click here.


Choosing a room is one of the most important aspects of planning your cellar. It is important to not get discouraged by the thought of not having a good location. If owning a custom wine cellar is your dream, there are ways to make it happen. Here at Apex, we want to make sure that you get the wine cellar you have always wanted. Contact an Apex agent today to find out how to get your project started!

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