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Wine Cellar Checklist for the New Year

January 14, 2014

Happy 2014!
This January make it your resolution to dive deep into your cellar to make it more efficient than ever! We have created a checklist for you to not only clean up, maintain, and update your cellar but to also to learn more about wine and to share that knowledge with others! This resolution is not asking you to diet or exercise, but to merely enjoy every glass of wine to its fullest! Do you have what it takes? Get your corkscrew ready… 

1.  It is important to maintain order in your cellar by making sure bottles stay organized. 

 2. Know what bottles you have. This will make it easier to plan what you want to drink and what you need or don’t need to buy. 

3. Physically investigate your collection. It is important to check your stored bottles for leaks or damages to the corks to ensure they are aging properly and that the quality of the wine is not compromised. 

4. Dispose of your wine. Most wines have a time window in which they should be consumed. Whether you drink it, share it, or gift it, make sure that someone is enjoying the wine at its peak, or at least before its aromas and bouquets start to decline.

1.  When adding bottles to your cellar, think outside of the box. It is important to discover new and exciting wines! 

2. Remember to pick up some of the classics too. While variety is always nice, a simple table wine that will lend itself to many dishes is great to have on hand. 

3. Try shopping at your local wine store instead of a big name chain. Did you know that the quality and storage of wine of the same label can vary from store to store? Tip: The local wine shops are generally sold the ‘best of the batch’ and pay special attention to storage conditions prior to the sale. ? Make note of when a bottle should ideally be consumed, when adding it to your cellar. This ensures every glass will taste its finest and no bottle will be forgotten.

1.  Learn more about your wine in 2014! The world of wine is complex and the industry is ever changing! 

2.  Download the latest wine apps! From discovering the perfect pairings with the dish in front of you, to learning more about the label and where to buy it, applications for your smart devices are a great way to learn more, on-the-go! 

3.  Go online! The amount and diversity of the wine education courses offered online continues to grow. This is an efficient, easy, and inexpensive way to learn more! 

4.  Sign up for wine courses and tastings in your area! These are fun social events where you can meet people with common interests, while learning more about what you drink. 

5.  Get friends or family involved in learning about wine too! Most wine courses or tastings will offer group discounts!

1.  Wine is social drink. This year, focus on who you can share and enjoy your wine with! 

2.  Host blind tastings or cellar parties. Why not have an “open that bottle night,” and make it a celebration! 

3.  The more your friends and family understand about the wine they drink, the more they can appreciate it with you!

1. Cellar management is always advancing to new heights. Enhancing the organization and operation of your cellar with high tech gadgets will transform the maintenance of your cellar. 

2. The addition of new wine accessories can make a great difference in enjoying the contents your cellar. 

3. Has your collection grown? Adding additional racking, even those that are wall mounted or designed to display, can change the feel and efficiency of your cellar space.

Visit us at apexwineracks.com for all of your cellar needs in 2014! To update your cellar accessories and décor visit our sister site, epicureanist.com!

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