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How to Manage a Modern Cellar of Today

December 18, 2013

As the times change and technology continues to advance, there become new ways to manage your wine cellar more efficiently.  Even the simplicity of labeling your collection has an edge on what it used to be.    From temperature and humidity control to cataloging your collection, it is fascinating how easy it is to keep track of your best bottles these days. 

Environmental Control:  Some of the most interesting management systems of today, help you control the temperature and humidity of your cellar, remotely! Apex offers the option of adding the Honeywell Touch-screen Wifi Temperature and Humidity Controls to all of our CellarTec units.  This innovative system is a reliable and a top-rated app among the community, as it allows you to control the environment in your cellar from anywhere in the world!  This smart thermostat learns the cycle of your heating and cooling times to constantly deliver the perfect temperature when it is most important.  This system will even send auto alerts to your smart phone and other devices to let you know when the filter needs to be changed and to alert you of extreme temperature changes.  


Cataloging: Another system that is one of the most popular products for owners of any size of wine cellar is the eSommelier wine management programming.  Equipped with color touch-screen technology and built-in software and processing power, this unit is a breeze to set up and operate.  This system starts organizing your wine by creating barcodes for each bottle that can easily be printed by the barcode printer that is included in the eSommelier system.  Every bottle will have a unique identity so you always know which wines you have at all times!  The barcode scanner, also included with this system, will quickly and efficiently scan the bottles that you add or remove from your seller, automatically updating your inventory.  Even more exciting is the ability that eSommelier provides to catalog each and every bottle of wine.  Be able to track your wine by Country, Region, Variety, Winery, and vintage from an easy to input, prompted list of options.  You can even let guests scroll through you various wine labels remotely on a smart device to pick out what wine they would like to drink!   


Labeling: While not as high-tech as the previous two management options, the Epicureanist Reusable Wine Tags do an excellent job at labeling bottles in your cellar.  There are no barcodes, touch screens, or scanners, however, they have advanced from the paper tags from centuries past.  These tags can be reused as your collection grows with the use of dry erase markers.  Inexpensive and efficient, each tag is also color-coded and reversible for quick identification!


Modern Serving Trends: There are also plenty of modern serving trends that continue to advance with the management of every cellar.  Aerators like the Trilux Aerator allows you to choose the amount of aeration you would like to add to your wine with three easy to change settings.  Even something as simple as opening a bottle of wine has advanced, as it is now possible with the push of a button, thanks to the Electric Wine Opener.  This gadget is rechargeable and can effortlessly uncork bottles for up to 8 hours!  Other products like the Electric Wine Preserver, Infrared Wine Thermometers, and Chilling Decanters are taking the market by storm, making it even more fun to entertain your guests!

As you can see there are several ways to manage your modern cellar, from organization to consumption.   Apex looks forward to the evolution of wine cellar management and is committed to bringing the most innovative products to you.   Keep an eye out for new items in 2014 and always remember to update your wine storage with Apex Wine Cellars.  

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