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Holiday Gift Guide 2013

November 20, 2013

The holidays are in full swing and with that comes holiday shopping!  Do you know what you will be getting friends and family this year?  Have you made a wish list of your own?  Apex has put together a list of its most favorite items that are fun for any wine connoisseur to give and receive!  This hand-picked list includes everything to make the most of your wine storage, cellar space and entertaining! 

48-Bottle Dual-Zone Thermoelectric Mirrored Wine Cooler
There is no better gift than striking wine storage for your home or office!  The brand new 48-Bottle Dual-Zone Thermoelectric Mirrored Wine Cooler juxtaposes stunning style and functionality to create a dual-zoned system to store both your reds and whites in optimal conditions.  This unit is not just great for your collection but for the environment too, as it uses no ozone depleting chemicals!  Other outstanding features of this unit include dual-pane glass windows, fantastic insulation properties, and UV protection!.   Any wine lover would be thrilled to receive any unit from this luxurious collection!  Click here to learn more about this item.

Mini Decanter Flight
Create a unique entertaining experience with the Mini Decanter Wine Flight.  Decanters are an important tool to bring out the full bouquet and aroma of your wine by allowing oxygen back  into the wine.  This set of 4 miniature decanters allows for you to serve your guests a tasting flight of all your favorite wines! This gift is great for anyone who loves to entertain and experience a variety of wines!  Learn more about this set here.  

 Aerating Funnel Set
The Epicureanist Aerating Funnel Set is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to drink wine and wants it to taste its best!  Aerating any wine is important so that the you can taste the entire profile of the wine as it was meant to be tasted!  This sleek stainless steel funnel is built with a wide base for better aeration and includes a strainer to collect any sediment that might get poured with the wine.  In addition this set also comes with a stylish stainless steel stand that serves as a drip-tray in-between uses.  This modern and stylish set will be a gift that is used time and time again!  Read more about this product here. 



 Entertaining Blind Tasting Kit
Looking for a fun way to entertain your guests at your next cocktail or dinner party?  Try hosting a blind wine tasting with your friends or family to create unique and memorable experience!  Share tasting notes, discover new favorites, even make it a BYOB party so that everyone can share their best bottles!  This elegant entertaining set tasting set comes with everything you need, including bottle sleeves, numbered coasters, bottle mat, and wine charms.  Give this set as a gift to share the love of discovering new wines with others!  Click here to learn about this kit.

Epicureanist Electric corkscrew and Wine Preserver Set
Having been featured in numerous publications, including Gourmet Business’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, this is Epicureanist’s hot ticket item for the holidays, that everyone has been raving about!  This modern set makes serving a breeze, with its impressive foil cutter and rechargeable electric push-button cork screw.  The electric corkscrew pulls the cork out in seconds and can open up to 30 bottles with a single charge.  Preserving the wine is effortless with the rechargeable electric vacuum preserver that quickly removes any oxygen from the bottle, preventing oxidation and spoilage.  This allows for the exquisite taste and aroma of wine to be protected for days!   The set also includes stoppers with date-set features, so that remembering when the last bottle was opened is easy!  Learn more about this set here.


 Vinotemp 2-Bottle Wine Dispenser
Vinotemp’s wine dispensers have also received quite a bit of publicity as the new trending way to serve and preserve wine!  This state-of-the-art wine dispenser dispenses two bottles of red or white wine with the simple push of a button.  The unit also preserves your wine, keeping it tasting great for days!  This looks stunning in any room and is ideal for use in homes, restaurants and tastings!  The perfect gift for any wine lover, one you experience the ease and style of this dispenser, you will never drink wine any other way!  Read more about this dispenser here.
 Epicureanist 9 Bottle metal Wine Rack
Give the gift of displaying your best bottles with the 9 Bottle Epicureanist Metal Wine Rack!  Available in either a black or nickel finish, this wine rack inspires a fresh look to any room, while providing convenient wine storage!  This patented design features sturdy metal construction so that your bottles are protected while artfully displayed!  Click here to learn more about this item. 



 L’Epicurean Merlot Red Wine Confit
Enjoy Merlot in a new form, with the L’ Epicurean Merlot Red Wine Confit!  The perfect gourmet gift for anyone who loves to cook or enjoys a decadent cheese platter, this confit can be used to enhance any dish!  Find out more about this delicious addition here.
Epicureanist Connoisseur Wine Opener and Stand
The Epicureanist Connoisseur Wine Opener and Stand is an outstanding addition to any cellar, tasting room, or entertaining space!  The perfect gift for any wine enthusiast, this opener boasts a stunning antique design with wood handle and can be used with or without the stand!  Give the gift that will impress every guest!   Click to learn more about this item.



 750ml Bottle Tasting Tabletop Wine Rack Module
Starting a cellar or adding additional wine storage is great gift that will continue to give back!  This modular rack is one of Apex’s most popular rack designs, including wine racking, a tasting space, and glassware storage!  Apex’s modular wine racks are designed to fit standard 750 ml bottles and can be combined with any of Apex’s other 7 foot Modular Wine Racks!  Learn more about this module rack here!

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