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Creating a Wine Tasting Space at Home!

October 16, 2013

     Creating a tasting space in your home can be a daunting task as an area for tasting cannot be distinctly defined or designed.  There are no rules as to what constitutes a room for tasting over another entertaining space, so it is important to think outside of the box and create a room that will suit its intended purpose best.  Whether you need a multifaceted space that can be used for a multitude of functions or are looking to develop a space strictly for tasting, Apex has plenty of options to generate a stunning space!  

     The key element of any tasting space is a tabletop surface.  It is important to remember that this is the area where the wine is poured and friends will gather.  Both of Apex’s classic and signature collections provide stand alone wine storage that are topped with a functional serving table to entertain guests.  These are a great addition to any cellar or wine room and accommodate tastings very well.   A wine cabinet like Vinotemp’s Sonoma 296 LUX would also be a great tasting space addition, as it provides substantial wine storage along with a fully-functional tabletop surface.   If you are looking to add a tasting space somewhere that is not your wine cellar, a low profile wine cabinet may be your best choice as all of Vinotemp’s cabinets are constructed with a self-contained Wine-Mate cooling system.  If you are strictly looking for a tasting surface for your tasting room, our great friends at Epicureanist, have a few outstanding options to bring warmth and wine design to your space.  The Half Barrel Bistro Table is an excellent option, as is the Vintage barrel Stave End Table and the Vintage Pine Kitchen Island.  Their Vintage Stave Stools are also a stunning option for additional seating in any entertaining space!  

    Now that you have a surface to entertain your guests, it is important to create a storage space for your wine! While the collections stand alone wine storage and wine cabinets, mentioned above, already provide ample storage, module racking provides even more storage capabilities.  Module racking is a great storage solution for any home as you can configure and customize their designs based on your specific needs.  These quality shelves can even include stemware racking, to store your glassware, display shelves, to give your wine storage a personal touch, even a tasting table, if you would like to incorporate your serving surface and storage into one unit. Wall mounted racking can also be a great solution to store your wine, while also creating a stunning visual display of your best bottles!


     Ensuring that your wine is stored at the appropriate temperature is also an important consideration for a tasting space.  While a wine cellar or wine cabinet are both great options, wine coolers can also provide an ideal storage environment for your wine, always keeping your bottles at the perfect temperature for serving and storing!  Depending on the size of your collection and the amount of space that you have to store your wine, these coolers come in a variety of sizes and can even accommodate separate temperatures for your reds and whites, thanks to dual zone technology.  Plus, many of these units have the option of being easily installed as a built-in or freestanding, allowing you to truly incorporate the cooler into your tasting space.  

     Now all that’s left to do is serve!  From corkscrews, preservers and decanters to thermometers, stoppers and aerators, having the appropriate wine tools is essential to any tasting space.  Remember that your tasting space is meant to be shared by friends to enjoy the tasting experience together!  Have fun with its design but make sure the basics of surface, storage and serving are followed! Contact an Apex specialist today to create your tasting space today www.apexwineracks.com. If you are looking for home décor, wine accessories, or barware, please visit www.epicureanist.com 

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