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Selecting a Wine Cellar Door

September 18, 2013

Selecting a Wine Cellar Door 

There are many ways to personalize a wine cellar from racking configurations and styles to countertops and flooring, even unique murals and accents, however, only one customization says it all before stepping inside, the cellar door.  It is the single element of a wine cellar that invites guests inside with excitement and anticipation.  While a doors visual presence sets the stage for what is to come, it is also important to remember that it is not just an essential design aesthetic, but also necessary for proper preservation and storage of wine.  Wine cellar doors are very complex and finding the one that suits its environment best, is not an easy assignment. 


Design: Selecting the perfect door for any cellar can be a difficult task.  Purpose, taste, and functionality are all important considerations in this creative selection process.  There are many different styles and materials that can be used to give every cellar its own style!  A glass cellar door is the obvious choice, if welcoming guests, from the inside out, is of choice.  This can also be achieved with more privacy and design by choosing a glass door with decorative iron work, placed over the glass.  Both of these options are commonly framed with either wood or iron, however, other materials are available upon request.  If doors that display are not of interest, consider a gorgeous wood wine cellar door, dressed up with custom carvings!  Given there are endless amounts of styles, designs, and materials that would make an eye catching cellar door, it is important to have a creative mind during the selection process.  The sky is the limit!

Functionality: Just because a cellar door is a beautiful fit, does not always mean it will be the best choice.  Functionality is a crucial consideration, regarding the temperature and humidity levels that must be maintained in any wine cellar.  If the doors are not properly sealed or insulated, the wine refrigeration system will end up working harder than it was designed to, resulting in a warmer cellar temperatures and the possibility of a broken cooling system.  Nothing good can come from a poorly constructed or installed wine cellar door, especially when it comes to preserving and storing wine.  Make sure that a wine cellar door is purchased from a reputable company and constructed and installed correctly.  


Customize: The list of cellar door characteristics doesn’t end with its exterior design and quality construction.  It is important to remember the little customizations that can make a big difference.  Everything from door handles to hinges can be added to make a door unique.  The most recent upgrade of choice has been the Biometric Fingerprint Lock, as it uses cutting edge technology to read up to 150 fingerprint and 78 pin number users, for optimal security and cellar management! 

Remember, every cellar door is a gateway to wine heaven, so treat its quality, functionality, design, and customizations with care. Contact an Apex specialist for all of your cellar door inquiries and feel free to visit us at
www.apexwineracks.com to see what else we can do for you and your cellar! 

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