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Wine Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

August 14, 2013

Wine Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

People from all around the world dream about having their own wine cellar, unfortunately, most of us do not have the extra space to create an elaborate custom design. Thankfully, the world of wine has brought a little creativity to the table, in developing new designs that will fit in any space. Whether you want to customize a small cellar under your stairs, add a stylish wine cabinet to your dining room, or place a wine chiller in your kitchen, Apex has all the answers to make your dream a reality.

Custom Cellars: One of the most innovative small spaces for a custom wine cellar, that is sure to impress your friends, is underneath your staircase. What in most homes is just another wasted space can now be transformed into a wine oasis, properly storing your collection in a smart and elegant way. Don’t have a two-story home? No problem. Apex cellar consultants can help you design a cellar in any corner, closet, or alcove in your home.   No space is too small, so don’t overlook the little nooks and crannies that you’ve been ignoring.

Wine Cabinets: Another great alternative is a custom wine cabinet or credenza. These beautiful pieces are installed with Wine-Mate cooling systems and come in an array of designs and finishes that make these cabinets completely customizable to match any existing furniture in your home. The  Sonoma 296 LUX Wine Cabinet Credenza, is a versatile choice as you can display 200 of your best bottles right in your dining room, while also using its tabletop for serving and entertaining. If you are not looking to display your wine, look no further than some of our other striking wood or aluminum cabinet doors to conceal your collection.
Wine Chillers: If you are seriously space challenged, then a wine chiller is an excellent alternativeThese wine refrigerators are small and compact; the perfect option for an apartment dweller. Wine chillers are fantastic because, despite their size, they create the ideal aging environment by holding your favorite bottles at the optimal position and temperature. The Vinotemp 26 Bottle Wine Chiller is a great choice with its front-ventilating exhaust system, LED readout, and stainless steel door and trim. This unit would be a great addition to your kitchen or wet bar. Plus, nothing looks sleeker than illuminated wine bottles under a countertop. 
As you can see the world of specialized wine storage has adapted, like the rest of us, to prosper in any environment, no matter the size. Now it is time for you to get creative and see how you can best use your small space for the wine storage of your dreams. Get Started Today!

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