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Wine Bottle Sizes and How They Affect Your Racking Needs

Wine bottles come in a myriad of sizes and shapes which can affect your wine cellar and storage needs.

Large format wine bottles are increasing in popularity as wineries produce these sporadically to mark special occasions such as anniversaries or unique vintages. A benefit to large format bottles is that they age better, resulting in a higher quality wine, and can be stored longer (great when saving for a special occasion or holiday) due to the low oxygen to wine ratio inside the bottle. Conversely, smaller formats, like half or quarter bottles, tend to age quicker and should therefore be consumed almost immediately.

With all of the various shapes and sizes of wine bottles available, it is important to consider what types of wine you primarily purchase when deciding on racking styles and options. That Nebuchadnezzar bottle of champagne will add a dramatic element to your cellar, but it can be a difficult task determining the optimal place to store it.

Apex Wine Cellars offers many solutions for various wine bottle sizes, to fit a variety of budgets.

Modular Rack Kits
Using our affordable modular rack kits, you have many attractive options for displaying different wine bottle sizes in conjunction with your 750ml collection. 

  • The Wood Case / Open Bottle Bin Wine Rack Module offers the most freedom, with the option to store smaller bottles the conventional way and larger bottles on their side or within a box on a shelf. 
  • Any modular design that includes X-bins allows for a variety of sizes, as well as a more cost-effective alternative to individual bottle racks. 
  • Quarter Round Wine Rack Modules utilize the maximum amount of space in your cellar and draw attention to your most impressive bottles and other accessories like glasses or decanters. 
  • Finally, Tabletops not only provide space for unique bottle sizes, but also for decanting and tasting. 

Of course you are only limited by your imagination when it comes to custom wine cellars and unique bottle sizes. 
  • Like the modular kits, custom cellars can include shelves, x-bins, and tabletops to display all bottle sizes – specifically tailored to your exact needs of course. 
  • Another option is the ability to include custom sized large format individual racks to create a truly breathtaking display. Storing and showcasing unique wine bottle sizes in your cellar is something that should not be overlooked.

Luckily with Apex this is easy to accomplish whether using our modular racking kits or custom design services. Either way, our sales and support staff is happy to help with all of your design needs to create a truly spectacular wine display!