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Illuminate Your Wine Cellar And Create a Stunning Display with Light

Wine cellar lighting is an important feature of the cellar as a whole, and it can often be one of the trickiest aspects to incorporate. Too much light in a cellar can spoil your collection by creating heat and exposing your wine to damaging UV light. Too little light, while better for your wine, can make your cellar feel drab, gloomy and impractical. The right wine cellar lighting system will provide ample light for functionality, determine the ambiance of the cellar and protect your collection from excessive heat and damaging light sources.  

Recessed Lighting: One of the most popular lighting options, recessed lighting is most often used as the main source of light within a cellar. Recessed lights are mounted into the ceiling of the wine cellar and can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.

Halogen Lighting: A halogen lighting system can add a dramatic flair to just about any cellar. When using this type of recessed lighting, make sure to choose bulbs that are made from frosted, tempered glass and have a protective UV coating to prevent damage to your collection. 

LED Lighting: LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are great for accenting elegant archways, picture openings, table areas or display racking. LED lighting systems are perfect for wine cellar installation due to their energy efficiency, long life span, low heat emissions and versatility. 

Display Lighting: Display lighting is a beautiful way to enhance your wine racks and showcase your favorite bottles. Apex offers specially designed rope lighting that is custom built to fit within the upper angle of your racking system’s display row. 

Sconces and Chandeliers: For those looking to add a vintage touch to their cellars, sconces and chandeliers are a great lighting option. Wall sconces attach to the walls of the wine cellar and, when installed at the proper height, can flood the room with indirect uplight. Most commonly used as a decorative focal point, chandeliers offer a way to enhance the ambiance of the cellar while brightening the room. These ceiling mounted fixtures can be found in a wide array of styles, shapes and sizes to add a unique feel to any cellar. 

Dimming Systems: For the most flexibility in whatever lighting option you choose, the installation of a dimming system is a must. Whether you are conducting a tasting, entertaining, or just need to read the labels, the use of a dimming system grants you full control over the lighting level to optimize cellar temperature and create the ambiance that you prefer. 

Whether you own a residential or commercial wine cellar, the power of great wine cellar lighting should never be underestimated. At Apex we understand that power and strive to design and build wine cellars that offer not only the best in wine protection, but beautifully showcase your collection as well. Don’t leave your wine cellar in the dark – talk to an Apex Cellar Consultant today!