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Apex Wine Cellars & Saunas Thinks Outside the Basement to Create Stunning Wine Cellars Throughout the Home

October 27, 2011

LOS ANGELES, Calif. October 26, 2011 – As a purveyor of handcrafted wine cellars that are as beautiful as they are functional, Apex Wine Cellars & Saunas is dedicated to creating cellars worthy of clients’ wine collections. Recently, Apex has experienced a significant increase in wine enthusiasts’ requests to construct wine cellars in different areas of the home other than the basement. Apex embraces this growing trend as an opportunity to think outside the basement and in doing so, has created wine cellars off of kitchens, as a part of foyers, in closets, and even in rooms flanking the main hallway of clients’ homes. 

When it comes to creating a wine cellar, the goal of most wine enthusiasts is to protect their investment in an attractive environment that is easy to access for entertainment purposes. And, until recently, ease-ofentertainment was overlooked for the well-being of the wine being stored, or due to a lack of space. As a result of Apex Wine Cellars & Saunas’ inspiring racking options, decades of experience creating custom cellars for both residential and commercial applications, and CellarTec® by Apex cooling systems, creating wine cellars with ease-of-entertainment as top criteria is, for the first time, simple. This has given customers the ability to enjoy their wine on an entirely different level – literally and figuratively. 

“What it all boils down to is the simple fact that wine enthusiasts spend thousands of dollars on wine, so they want to be able to easily access their collection, see their investment, and effortlessly entertain with their best bottles on a regular basis ,” states Apex Wine Cellar & Saunas director of sales and product development, Doug Smith. “And, of course, wine is about an experience. So, being reminded of the first time you experienced what Bordeaux has to offer is a special moment to reflect upon so there’s definitely something to say about building a cellar in an area of the home that serves as a constant reminder of that experience.” 

Creating a wine cellar in a different area of the home other than the basement can sometimes mean sacrificing space. The right design, racking, cooling system, door, and even strategically placed windows become crucial elements to creating a wine cellar that effectively stores wine, efficiently uses space, and attractively displays a wine collection. “Proper cooling and humidity levels are paramount because they are what protect the investment,” states Smith. “At the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to protect the wine. Everything else Apex is able to offer is a bonus.” 

High-resolution images of these unique wine cellars are available; please e-mail ckkaselmktg@gmail.com with requests.

Apex Wine Cellars & Saunas’ experienced cellar designers can help create attractive, space efficient cellars – and, based in Southern California, Apex manufactures the wood racking used to create custom cellars. Furthermore, Apex also provides the renowned CellarTec® by Apex cooling systems, stunning doors, etched glass, flooring, lighting and cellar accessories – so, the design possibilities are endless. 

About Apex Wine Cellars & Saunas Apex Wine Cellars & Saunas offers the highest quality wine cellars, wine racking, CellarTec® by Apex cooling systems, saunas, and steam rooms. For more information about Apex contact 877-663-0354 or visit www.apexwineracks.com.