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Apex Wine Cellars on Home Talk USA

April 23, 2011

APEX’s own Doug Smith was recently interviewed by Michael King (also known as the “Cajun Contractor”) on Home Talk USA. The half-hour interview covered the importance of building a proper wine cellar including; what makes a great wine cellar, what services APEX offers customers, and the benefits of building cellars at factory headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.

Highlights from Doug Smith's Interview:

The importance of proper wine storage…
"This is [all] about protecting your investment [wine]… The biggest mistake people make is trying to cut corners during construction…including proper vapor barriers, insulation… And, not every builder knows exactly how a wine cellar should be built. Things can get left-out and then you have to do it all again…so, people often spend twice as much…it makes sense to get it done right the first time."

Different cellars for different customers…

“There are really two basic types of wine cellars. A bulk room, which is a basic storage room that’s not really part of your home….the other avenue, which is becoming popular, is a wine cellar that is part of a living space. Because of this, wine cellars have become much more complicated and there are many things we [APEX] can do to dress-up cellars to make them more attractive for homes.”

“Every wine cellar is different, that’s the beauty of Apex, we sit down with the client and figure out what’s best for them. We have to determine where the room is in the home, how to cool the room…which can get complicated. But, when we work with an individual on their particular need, we can determine the best equipment for them because what we want to have is a system that will work for many, many years to properly protect their wines.”

Listen to the full interview: Click here to download the interview
(be sure to select "Sat., April 23 Hour 1" - then fast forward through the first 30 min)

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