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Apex offers our high quality racking modules in three wood types: Cedar, Premium Redwood, and Mahogany.

Please be aware that while our craftsmen make every effort to provide consistent coloration matching, coloration and grain patterns can vary for a given wood specie as illustrated below.

*Please contact us for images of our current Mahogany stock. Thank you.

   *Please note: swatches shown are raw, unfinished wood samples.

Did you know redwood is a sustainable resource? All redwood comes out of Northern California. California forestry regulations set high standards for sustainability and resource conservation, laws considered one of the strictest in the world. There are certification programs in place that promote principles & criteria that are the basis of sustainable forest management. Most of all wood manufactured in the US is a sustainable resource because the trees are replenished at the rate equal to consumption. The wood that would not be considered sustainable would come from different countries that produced exotic woods such as in the Brazilian Amazon where deforestation has occurred because they clear cut large areas of forests and leave it bare or other countries where they illegally harvest timber – most of these species are on a restricted and endangered wood species list. It’s safe to say all the domestic wood you buy is a sustainable resource.

Why Apex Does Not Recommend Staining

Care must be taken to prevent introducing odors into a wine cellar's environment. Wine cellars are built so that outside air and heat will not enter the room. As a result, the air and smells inside the cellar remain fairly constant for a long time.

The natural scents of wood and wine are common, however, care must be taken not to introduce the harsh odors of water and oil based stains. Since there is no outside air circulation the harsh odor of stain can remain in the cellar for a long time.

This may cause two issues for your wine cellar: First while cork is an effective seal against liquids, it is permeable to air and the harsh stain odors can penetrate the cork and adversely effect the wine. Second, the enjoyment of the wine tasting experience can be contaminated by the influence of the stain's odors.

Apex simply can't guarantee that if the racking were stained that the stain odors will not cause problems for your cellar and therefore does not offer nor recommend stain for your modular racking kits.

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