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2D CAD Wine Cellar DesignA great wine cellar starts with great design. Apex includes a professional 2D and/or 3D CAD drawing with each proposal.

Download the example 2' x 3' CAD PDF

Apex Wine Cellars & Saunas has worked with home owners, designers and builders all over the world to provide one-of-a-kind functional and beautiful wine cellars for our customers.

CAD Wine Room Dimensions and CapacityFrom smaller, lower-capacity cellars up to  larger, sometimes multi-room cellars, each drawing includes full capacity and dimension data included with the drawings and is provided in Adobe PDF® format.

Commerical 3D CAD Wine Cellar Design Commerical 3D CAD Wine Cellar Design

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Custom Orders

Design the cellar or sauna that best suits your needs with our help.

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