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Apex Modular Steam RoomApex Modular Steam Rooms are a great alternative to a tiled steam room and can be used in both the residential and commercial settings. We offer 12 different configurations that can fit from two to eleven people. The interior panels are made of acrylic, making the unit easy to keep clean. Each modular room comes with wall and ceiling panels, an all glass door, pre-molded benches, light, and an Amerec Steam Generator sized to fit the room. To finish the room, you will need to provide the external wall covering, drain and steam installation, and tile flooring. 

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Steam Room Type 1 / 44"x44"
Type 1 / 44"x44"
Steam Room Type 2 / 83"x44"
Type 2 / 83"x44"
Steam Room Type 3 / 83"x83"
Type 3 / 83"x83"
Steam Room Type 4 / 83"x83"
Type 4 / 83"x83"
Steam Room Type 4-1 / 83"x83"
Type 4-1 / 83"x83"
Steam Room Type 5-1 / 113"x83"
Type 5-1 / 113"x83"
Steam Room Type 5-2 / 113"x83"
Type 5-2 / 113"x83"
Steam Room Type 5-3 / 113"x83"
Type 5-3 / 113"x83"
Steam Room Type 5-4 / 83"x113"
Type 5-4 / 83"x113"
Steam Room Type 5-5 / 83"x113"
Type 5-5 / 83"x113"
Steam Room Type 6-1 / 83"x144"
Type 6-1 / 83"x144"
Steam Room Type 6-2 / 83"x144"
Type 6-2 / 83"x144"

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